Unprotected sex is the most common way that people can contract HIV, which can later develope into AIDS. You can easily get infected if direct contact is made with a penis, vagina and/or anus of a HIV positive person.

The virus lives in the fluids inside the penis and vagina and can easily enter your bloodstream. The male condom is the only widely available barrier against the sexual transmission of HIV.


With AIDS, HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) affecting millions of people on a daily basis, we can no longer turn a blind eye. These diseases are killing us – literally. They know no color, race, sex or nationality and they are spreading faster than ever before.

As members of the adult industry, we take part in creating a fantasy for our viewers. Along with being leaders in what we do, comes the task of being responsible with our audience.

What we create is done in a controlled setting, and not to be imitated irresponsibly. Prior to filming scenes, adult entertainers are subject to strict STI testing protocols, as well as health exams.

We want our viewers to be smart about their health, and this is our way of helping remind them to use condoms, practice safe sex, and get tested as part of a healthy approach to their sex life.