About Brazzers

ABOuT Brazzers

Just as in any industry, there are leaders - those who set the standards.

Since 2004, Brazzers has been setting a standard in the adult entertainment industry. Quickly making a name for itself as a company committed to creating quality adult content, for the discerning viewer.

On the cutting edge of the industry, Brazzers was the first to unify content under a porn star network, the first to forge ahead on the mobile platform, and continues to break new ground. Brazzers content is packaged so viewers can watch it anywhere, from the device and technological method of their choice. Employing the best performers in adult entertainment, as well as the best writing and production teams, Brazzers has accumulated an archive of over 3,000 scenes, with thousands more to come. Brazzers prides itself on producing the best material in the world for men and women with high viewing standards.

Over the years, Brazzers has gained millions of followers and is quickly turning into a lifestyle brand. In order for the company to give back, it has decided to use its voice and mass appeal to bring attention to causes it believes in. The “Get Rubber!” campaign is the first of several endeavors Brazzers will take on, not only to serve its audience, but the general public as well.